GOVERN, kick-off meeting, January 15-16.2014, NGA

The GOVERN (Fostering autonomy and accountability: development of state-of-the-art HE management system for efficient changes in line with Bologna principles) project of the EU-sponsored TEMPUS program has been launched at the National Gallery of Armenia on January

Twenty-two European educational institutions are involved in the project. YSAFA will coordinate the project for the following three years. The objective of the GOVERN project is to enable application of the state-of-the-art management system at Armenian HEIs for promoting effective and efficient structural changes in line with Bologna agenda thus enhancing HEIs autonomy and accountability.
       Lana Karlova of the National TEMPUS office in Armenia told journalists: “It is a great responsibility because successful cooperation and dialogue depend on it. We hope the three years will be a rather active period, and the result will be well-trained personnel and accomplishment of great tasks”.           Education Quality has been actively involved in the TEMPUS program and is now participating in three projects, including GOVERN. Participation in such projects is improving EQ’s status. Within the framework of the GOVERN project EQ is maintaining a number of activities, which cover participation in different dissemination activities and translation services for the guidelines and the major conferences, as well as quality control and monitoring activities and participation in report writing. EQ is accessible to provide experts for the expert panels for evaluation of HEIs system performance and consult on human resource, structural and human resource management. EQ is actively supporting the GOVERN project in the development and delivery of trainings and provides consultancy and feedback on the developments of regulatory frameworks. It also handles the responsibility to advise the universities and feedback on their developments of the units of academic affairs and registrar.         During the two-day meeting of 22 partner institutions investment program, the methodology, upcoming activities, as well as management issues were discussed.  

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