GOVERN, Local meeting, On the 7th of July 2014, ANQA

On the 7th of July a meeting of Tempus GOVERN (Fostering autonomy and accountability: development of state-of-the-art HE management system for efficient changes in line with Bologna principles) project was organized in ANQA on the project development monitoring.

The project proceeding activities were analyzed and reviewed once again by the Armenian partners, including EQ. The staff figured out the functioning of capacity building and fact-finding group, which was formed after the project kick-off meeting, together with EU partners.

The Armenian partners of the GOVERN project were keen on evaluating recurrently the four questionnaires, which had been sent to the HEIs and were filled in from four diverse viewpoints. The fact-finding analysis of the filled out questionnaires, guided by the German expert Mr. Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt, and the corresponding meeting with the participation of the top management figures, hosted by AUA, were in the center of attention during all the meeting. It turned out from the fact-finding analysis, that there are lots of weak points, and the lecturers of the Universities were the most uninformed category.


The EQ staff was also involved in the consultation on the forthcoming trips and proceeding activities within the framework of GOVERN project. It was planned by the staff and the project coordinator to review the legal regulations of all the partner HEIs, as well as their academic programs. A registrar on academic programs is meant to be implemented in the institutions.

As for dissemination, the project web-site is already accessible, and the feedback of EQ on the web-site will be complete soon.  

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