GOVERN, Meeting (Fact-finding analysis result) June 11 YSAFA

Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts organized a meeting of Tempus GOVERN (Fostering autonomy and accountability:

development of state-of-the-art HE management system for efficient changes in line with Bologna principles) project on June 11, having the objective to consider organizational and financial issues regarding the project and the upcoming travel on the whole. The EQ staff had its hand in the relevant argument and discourse, the target of which was the forthcoming workshop in Graz, Austria. EQ representatives, along with other Armenian partners, exchanged views on costs for travel and stay.
The equipment purchase was also considered crucial, and the institutions were given a short period of time to introduce the list of required equipment for the project.
The representatives of institutions were shortly introduced to the leaflets and the website of Tempus GOVERN project, which will be handy and accessible in due time. The analyses of the questionnaires regarding the management problems and disputed points were looked through.
Review of strategic plan, policy and procedure, activity plan, as well as professional programs were intended after the workshop in Graz.  

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