Tempus VERITAS November 1-6, 2014, Heidelberg, Germany

On the 1-6th of November 2014 a workshop on “Fact finding and Road Map Development” took place in Heidelberg, Germany, within the framework of Tempus VERITAS «Structural Development of the Third Cycle Based on Salzburg Principles» project.
The European partners of the project, Heidelberg University and WUS Austria, were the organizers of the training. Both European and Armenian partners of the project were present at the meeting.    
During the workshop Armenian partners ANQA and EQ introduced the results of the argument carried out at ANQA on the 20th and 22nd of October regarding the fact finding analyses, as well as represented the proposed expectations. Each of the Armenian partner universities also introduced their current activities and expectations. The European partners represented their experience and criteria with regard to road map development, and supported the Armenian partners in their road map development process, considering fact finding as a basis for the further activities.

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