VERITAS project meeting and training on Salzburg principles May 5th-7th, Graz, Austria

Education Quality staff, as well as other Armenian and European Partners, participated in the first outgoing meeting and training in the frame of the Tempus VERITAS «Structural Development of the Third Cycle Based on Salzburg Principles» Project which took place in Graz, Austria.From 5th-7th of May 2014 WUS Austria held a project meeting and training focusing on the implementation of Salzburg Principles in the Republic of Armenia and EU. The training provided an opportunity for the Armenian HEIs to share their knowledge and experience, with an aim to establish common standards in PhD education in Armenia. It supported universities in their efforts to adopt and implement new Standards in line with the European Higher Education Area initiatives. First part of the meeting was hosted and provided by Graz University. They introduced the implementation of PhD studies at their university. During the training the European partners were introducing Salzburg principles and at the same time, sharing their universities’ experience with Armenian partners.
The meeting concluded with a management session in order to plan the next steps and get updates on project financial management issues.
Learning outcomes of the training comprise gained knowledge about the EU and the Armenian system of PhD education, knowledge about adoption of the new guidelines in the frame of Salzburg Principles and its implementation in the Armenian higher education system.
The intent of the training on Salzburg Principles is for the Armenian universities to utilize the newly acquired knowledge as an important instrument for future activities and project outcomes, as well as to have a better approach in the creation of university strategies and appropriate standards as foreseen by the VERITAS project

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