GOVERN is a three-year multi-country project, under the priority of Governance Reform, EACEA N° 35/2012, 6th call, National Priorities and Structural Measures action. The wider objective is to enhance quality, and promote regulation and recognition of transnational education provisions in Armenia and Georgia through establishing internal (HEIs) and external (EQA) quality assurance mechanisms in line with OECD/UNESCO guidelines. The specific objectives target at:
  • Building on the capacity of the Armenian and Georgian HEIs and external quality assurance bodies to effectively manage quality assurance of TNE
  • Developing and integrating quality assurance mechanisms at the institutions that provide transnational education
  • Developing and integrating quality assurance standards and procedures for external quality assurance systems to effectively manage the quality assurance procedures at universities providing TNEEnsuring regulation, quality assurance and recognition of TNE provisions in Armenia and Georgia.
The principle outcomes and outputs include:
  • Well-prepared staff at HEIs and EQA agency/Ministry to provide quality assurance of TNE
  • Established/revised functions of IQA units at HEIs
  • Nationwide standards, procedures, indicators and benchmarks for external quality assurance of TNE providers in Armenia and Georgia
  • Institution-wide internal quality assurance Procedures Handbook for HEIs in Armenia and Georgia
  • Legitimate and sustainable quality assurance system piloted and operationalized in Armenia and Georgia.
The HEIs are from the Eastern European Neighborhood – Armenia and Georgia. It will allow deeper understanding of the needs of developing systems and customization to specific country and institutions priorities. The EU partners- QAA UK, BSU, USI, UJM, IIEP (UNESCO), EFMD, AMU - bring in the richness of experience in TNE quality assurance. The universities are from a single CIS country – Armenia. It will allow deeper understanding of the needs of developing systems and customization to specific country and institutions priorities Within The project EQ will
  • Develop and deliver trainings,
  • Feedback on the developments related to internal quality assurance unit with regards to functions, roles and regulatory framework,
  • Participate in the synopsis of home and host country standards and procedures,
  • Advise the HEIs and EQAs in their development and formulation of internal and external QA standards and procedures for TNE providers in line with OECD/UNESCO guidelines,
  • Participate in
    • the pilot accreditations,
    • the quality control and monitoring of the project,
    • dissemination activities (conferences, development of brochures and guidelines),
    • the kick off and coordination meetings,
  • be represented on the PGB.